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Deb Garand

Board of Ambassador Member

Deb Garand

Managing Director, Accenture

Deb is an Accenture Managing Director with over 25 years of experience in the High Tech and Semiconductor industries, specializing in growth and transformation. Throughout her career, Deb has led strategic and industry-relevant practices and is currently honored to serve Cisco as the Executive Steward for the partnership with Accenture. She is a published author, a US Patent Holder, and is a devoted Mom of two adult daughters.

Deb is a vocal advocate for purpose, equality, inclusion, and diversity and is passionate about choosing the path less traveled. She seeks to serve clients with relevant, resilient, and valuable solutions – with a relentless curiosity for alternatives that challenge the status quo.

Deb is staunch supporter of ACS’s mission as cancer has impacted many friends and family members – and she was personally diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2023. The ACS, “I Love You, Get Screened Campaign” is a frequent topic of discussion in Deb’s personal and professional circles as early screening and detection was critical in her own cancer treatment and care.