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Jennifer McDonald

Board of Ambassador Member

Jennifer McDonald

Area Vice President North America, UiPath

Jennifer (Jen) McDonald holds the position of Area Vice President across North America for UiPath. In her role, she is responsible for the strategic portfolio business encompassing diverse sectors like retail, high tech, telco, media, and logistics. A USC alumnus, Jen graduated from the Marshall School of Business in 2000 with a BS in Business, emphasizing marketing.  

With over two decades in the software industry, Jen’s expertise in business process automation is profound. Her professional journey commenced at ADP where she spent 13 years immersed in the payroll and HR automation space. She subsequently transitioned to SAP, dedicating eight years to end-to-end business process automation in enterprise and strategic customer segments. During her tenure she managed accounts for prestigious companies on the Fortune 100. In her final role at SAP, Jen served as Vice President, overseeing the success of their net new pursuit team in the West in 2020.  

Jen is propelled by her desire to aid customers in amplifying board-relevant business outcomes. She endeavors to rapidly scale their Intelligent Automation programs, thereby improving productivity, mitigating future hiring costs, ensuring compliance, and enhancing customer experiences. Passionate about the harmony between people and machines, Jen believes the most successful organizations of the future will leverage the unique benefits of both.  

On the personal front, Jen is the proud mother of three children Sydney (16), Chloe (12) and Colton (7) and enjoys a vibrant beach lifestyle in San Diego with their dog, Cider. Her passion lies in connecting with people and nurturing their growth in both personal and professional spheres. She takes pride in constructing high-performing teams that underscore vulnerability, resilience, and performance. She finds her joy in a balanced life with travel at the forefront and a keen focus on mental and physical well-being.  

As a leader at UiPath, she feels grateful to have a role in shaping the path for future generations, much like the female leaders before her. She ardently advocates for diversity in Fortune 500 companies and tech organizations.  

A testament to her commitment, skill, and innovative approach to her work, Jen has received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career. These recognitions, while prestigious, serve as humble reminders of the profound impact her work has had in her field and community.